Process-oriented Knowledge Management

DAY 4, Thursday;
FACILITATOR: Michael Wyrsch

Module: Process-oriented Knowledge Management

In many companies the work is defined in processes. This is for an knowledge manager a good foundation to hook up knowledge processes and convert the company in a learning organization. This module gives you a proven model and environment to do this. We start by analyzing (current) processes and create with knowledge mapping and flow analysis new knowledge flows.

Beside the theory we show a well implemented example of a “Lessons Learned”, “Practical Example Collection” and “Risk Mitigation” implementation. This makes the transfer in your own world very easy.
Using these knowledge mapping and flow analysis in your own example let you understand how you can implement knowledge processes.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP’s) are a key element in knowledge sharing in a company. We show how you can practical implement such kind of cross-organizational group inside a mostly hierarchical or silo oriented organization. The tools and concepts are immediately reusable in any environment.

Appling the learned concepts in your own company is part of the practical exercise. That means you have already the starting point in your pocket on the way back.


08.30-08.50ALLReview and Discussion of Day 3 Topics 
08.50-09.50BHTechnology, Communications & Collaboration 
09.50-11.10MWProcess-oriented Knowledge Management  Coffee break 10.30 – 11.00
11.40-13.00MWCommunities of Practice Lunch 13.00 – 14.00
14.00-16.45ALLGroup Work & Discussions Coffee Break 15.15-15.45
16.45-17.00ALLAction Review for Day 
17.00-18.00ALLGroup Presentation Preparation Work (own time)