Our references

The references listed here illustrate our experience in different organizations and industries. Additional information can be requested and related people can be interviewed, if desired.


Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

1.KM project about requirements on knowledge exchange and improving documentation workflows
2.KM project on establishing work practices and knowledge exchange in crisis situations
Leader/Consultant: Pavel Kraus

Canton Basel-Country

Requirements for knowledge exchange and documentation on protection of cultural property
Leader/Consultant: Pavel Kraus

SYNERGY – A European FP7 Project on Knowledge-oriented Collaboration

Requirements analysis, development and industry case study implementation of KM system for collaboration
Work Package Leader: Barry Hardy

Scientists Against Malaria

An international community supporting collaborative drug discovery across sectors and regions supported by a KM infrastructure for knowledge sharing and decision making
Coordinator: Barry Hardy


Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland

Managing complexity in pharmaceutical research with special focus on collaboration in interdisciplinary teams
Leader/Consultant: Pavel Kraus


Implementation of a process collaboration portal for global financial department
Leader/Consultant: Pavel Kraus


Establishing global knowledge and information exchange regarding medical information and safety
Leader/Consultant: Pavel Kraus

Credit Suisse IT - International

Establish organizational learning by improving project performance of IT Projects by managing the project assets such as Lessons Learned, Practical Examples and Project Risk Mitigations
Leader: Michael Wyrsch, Head of KM Competence Center

PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland

Establish Knowledge Management within PwC Switzerland so that it supports the firm in attaining its goals regarding "Staff Care", "Doing Business" and "Winning Business". Implemented with Communities of practice, Middle Market Focus Groups and Intranet optimization.
Leader: Michael Wyrsch, CKO

Hewlett Packard Consulting - International

Establish KM within HP Consulting, running the Knowledge Management Initiative in Europe. Implementing the knowledge processes, a central repository, Knowledge Communities and Measurement processes and tools.
Leader: Michael Wyrsch, Global Knowledge Architect

Islamic Development Bank

Knowledge Assessment, KM Strategy and KM Roadmap development, Change Management planning for international development bank.
Senior Consultant: Barry Hardy

EU-US Cooperation in Nanotechnology

Develop and coordinate international nanotechnology community activities leading to a knowledge management infrastructure, based on EU and US resources, supporting decision-making in risk assessment and regulatory contexts.
Coordinator: Barry Hardy