Michael Wyrsch

Managing Director of Wyrsch & Partner

Wyrsch and Partner is a consulting company focused on the areas of Human Change Management, Collaboration and Teams, Process Management, Knowledge Management and Innovation Management

Previous he was the Vice President and Leader Knowledge Management Competence Center, Credit Suisse, aLeader of the Knowledge Management Competence Center for IT Private Banking in Credit Suisse responsible to establish Knowledge Management within the IT of Credit Suisse and align it with the CMMI implementation.

In PricewaterhouseCoopers he was the Chief Knowledge Officer in Switzerland and responsible for the Knowledge Management Initiative in PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland with a focus in: "Doing Business", "Winning Business" and "Staff Care".

He started with Knowledge Management in Hewlett Packard where he was a Senior Knowledge Management Consultant with the HP Consulting organization. He was focused on several knowledge management projects for HP Consulting as Knowledge Architect, developing the different taxonomies, structures and processes. He was the leading architect for the K-Net infrastructure, defining the knowledge structures. He was, beside his global role, the central focal point for all Knowledge Management activities in Europe. He is a co-developer of the new knowledge community model for HP Consulting and leads the worldwide implementation.

His background is mechanical engineering and this allows him to start as CAD Supporter in Hewlett Packard where he spend 17 year of his professional career as IT and KM specialist.

Additionally we give lectures in Knowledge & Information Management at several institutes: KM Institute (Certified Knowledge Manager Course), Institute of Communication and Leadership – Lucern, Fernfachhochschule Schweiz, Zürich University of Applied Science, et al.

During his professional career Michael worked always as an internal or external consultant. In the area of Knowledge Management his focus was to bring the organizations on a higher maturity level by applying KM techniques and tools to the daily work of his clients. The clients will find Michael's expertise in the areas of dialogue skills application, the analysis of systems and processes as well as systems thinking to be invaluable in building strong teamwork at any phase of their projects or initiatives. Michael has worked with and within teams in the forming stage, as well as those who are experiencing dysfunction, using dialogue skills that stress clearer and more open interpersonal interactions to achieve team goals.

WORKSHOP FOCUS: Process-oriented KM, Knowledge Communities
Principal Facilitator for class: Thursday


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