ISO 9001 Revision

In light of the upcoming revision of the ISO 9001 the discipline «Knowledge Management» will gain more emphasis and focus in the near future. The ISO 9001 revision 2015 includes the necessity of knowledge management activities and measures in the 9001: clause 7.1.5. This will create challenges for Small and Middle Enterprises who have been not yet thinking about knowledge management.

As part of the resource base of an organization, the revised ISO 9001 emphasizes the importance of knowledge management in a new clause.

In ISO 9001:2015, clause 7.1.5, the organization is asked to identify, manage and make available all knowledge necessary to ensure process results which are in line with quality and conformity requirements. In addition, the accrued knowledge base should be taken into account if changes or trends occur (such as adjustments in customers requirements), and new or additional knowledge should be acquired.

Knowledge management is the handling of knowledge which 'should not go home after work'. Knowledge should therefore remain available in-house at all times. For this, it should be shared among more than one person, if it cannot be stored in the documentation system. Always think of the situation if a key person doesn't show up for work unannounced...