Green and Black Belt Knowledge Management Courses

This week is aimed at Knowledge Management (KM) executives and advanced practitioners who have hands-on experience:

  • developing and applying a KM strategy and framework
  • implementation of KM programs into an organisation or major initiative
  • development and application of new KM practices and methods.

You may for example have completed your Swiss Certified KM training with us, and have several years experience applying KM within your organisation.

Participants should be able to bring a case study to the workshop for presentation, discussion and evaluation. We will screen the CVs of all class candidates for their KM experience and competency profile. Minimum requirements are a CKM training (or its equivalent) and at least 3 years practical application. Black Belt KM Practitioners will have a minimum of 10 years experience applying KM as practitioners.

This advanced KM Black Belt training week is the first of its kind, hence providing you a unique opportunity to actively participate with a select group of peers in a highly valuable learning experience for your career. The format followed will be highly interactive, involving working and discussing and developing advanced topics in small groups.

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