Explicit Vs. Tacit Knowledge

Explicit knowledge

Tacit knowledge

  • Explicit knowledge is formal and systematic. It can be easily communicated and shared. Typically, it has been documented.
  • Articulated knowledge, expressed and recorded as words, numbers, codes, mathematical and scientific formulae, and musical notations.
  • Explicit knowledge is easy to communicate, store, and distribute and is the knowledge found in books, on the web, and other visual and oral means. Opposite of tacit knowledge.
  • Tacit knowledge on the other hand, is not so easily expressed. It is highly personal, hard to formalize and difficult to communicate to others. It may also be impossible to capture.
  • The challenge is to identify which elements of tacit knowledge can be captured and made explicit — while accepting that some tacit knowledge just cannot be captured. For tacit knowledge that cannot be captured, the goal is to connect the possessors of tacit knowledge with the seekers of that knowledge.