Certified trainings

We offer a public Certified Knowledge Management (CKM) course in Switzerland which attracts managers worldwide, and custom in-house training for organizations who need several people to be trained simultaneously. We also call on our specialist understanding of the pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare industries to offer KM training that focuses on the unique needs of these sectors.

KM Institute's knowledge management training programs are the de facto standard worldwide today because they focus on the practical application of KM techniques. KM Institute is also the only organization offering a standard curriculum in the Americas, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe. This makes it invaluable to global organizations who can rest assured that their knowledge workers get the same training and resources, wherever they are located.

KM Institute is also known as the International Knowledge Management Institute, and is headed by Douglas Weidner, one of the pioneering KM practitioners, and the creator of this curriculum, which is now used extensively in government agencies, global non-profit organizations, and companies.

The Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) training program consists of a full 5-day learning workshop with instructor-led activities, dynamic interaction among students and the equivalent to eight day's further training with blended supporting learning materials, resources and activities available prior and after the workshop week. The CKM training has been used to train top managers from over 500 organizations worldwide since 2001. The CKM certification is part of the requirement towards Masters CKM status, faculty status, etc.

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